William Phung, Lawndale, CA

Fall Semester Tutoring - 9/16/2016 8:28:14 PM

I sent my kids here for Fall tutoring. So far, so good. The staff is very nice.

Roger M, Cerritos, CA

Great summer program - 8/11/2016 1:26:38 PM

I heard about this place for a very long time. Until this year, I finally decided to put my kids in IVY summer smart camp. I was amazed at the number of students that studied during the summer, and surprisingly, my kids actually enjoy learning here! The good thing about this camp is that they have both academic and fun recreational activities, which is an excellent balance to an ideal summer. It's funny, because I reunited with my college roommate here, who I haven't seen in 20 years. What a small world!

Sophy S., Manhattan Beach, CA

Math Olympiad - 8/11/2016 1:20:07 PM

My daughter is a fifth grader. She took Math Olympiad last summer at Ivy, and she won a Math Olympiad competition, receiving first place this year. I am really proud of her, and I want her to continue studying at Ivy. She found her passion in math, and we are looking forward to having another phenomenal summer.

Jason J., Carson, CA

SAT review - 8/11/2016 1:15:21 PM

I took the new SAT class here at Ivy. I took the old SAT in January and didn't get a nice score. After giving it another shot, I improved significantly for the new SAT (1570!). I loved the class in Ivy, as I did the practice tests they gave me every week. I think it was a great decision to come here because I am proud of my score. This place is great for SAT! Work hard, study hard!

Cindy Chang, Torrance, CA

Great help for after school - 8/11/2016 1:09:33 PM

Our family moved from China 2 years ago. I find this place from Internet. My friend tell me they are good with international student. They have good English and math teacher. My kids have been here 2 years, and he got good grade without my help (I cannot help because I do not go to school).

Judy Dominguez, Palos Verdes, CA

Summer at Ivy - 8/18/2014 1:49:43 PM

This year in IVY I had an amazing summer break. Summer school may not sound fun, but in IVY it makes it fun. We meet new friends, play games, watch movies, go on field trips do arts and crafts, and so much more fun activities. Also, IVY has great food and drinks to eat and drink, especially Friday which is pizza day (my favorite)! This year is my first time at IVY and I think IVY is actually my favorite summer school of all time. One thing I really like about IVY is that IVY prepares you for the next grade level you are going into. Now I do not have to be worried about being behind in class since IVY has prepared for the next level. I have actually had an amazing summer break. I love IVY!!! I also hope I will return to IVY next year.

Byron HU, Los Angeles, CA

Ivy league school helps me a lot!! - 8/13/2014 5:41:22 PM

Hi! My name is Byron HU. A student from Ivy league school during summer. Here I am talking about the experience that I have in Ivy. My situation is kind of special. I was born in Los Angeles and I live there until when I was six years old. Then I went to Shanghai to learn Chinese for eight years. After I done learning Chinese I went back to America for High school. Here is the special situation. During eight years in Shanghai I didn't learn English that much. So it makes me very hard to catch up with kids that live in America. But Ivy helped me a lot. Everyone is nice and willing help many student like me. The teachers teach me many English skills. Such as Grammar, reading comprehension, sentence fluency and sentence structure. After a few weeks in ivy, I can feel that my English skill has improve a lot. My PSAT score increase from 54% up to 82%. I am very happy about it. But the most thing that impress me is I got to in English I in high school. That means I can have class with many native American speakers and also I can have a better environment to learn. As a conclusion, if I am your child's parents . I will definitely send my children to ivy.

Mitchell Anderson, Redondo Beach, CA

Defeating Algebra I - 8/13/2014 2:42:49 PM

My wife and I discovered Ivy after our son brought in his first quarter report card during 8th grade. It was his first time tackling Algebra I and his lack of dedication and our negligence was represented in the "C" grade he received. The decision to give him further tutoring was a no-brainer, but it was the method of tuition that confused us. At-home tutoring was far too risky and good tutors were difficult to find. It was after a few tries of the aforementioned tutoring method that we decided to try Ivy League School, specifically their Torrance branch. Although the school's location is not the closest to our residence, they provide a pick-up service from school that allows working parents like myself to forego the hustle and bustle of after-school traffic. However, it is the care and attentiveness provided by Ivy's staff that really resonated with me and my wife. Our son's grades went up: his C's turned into B's and then A's within a span of an 8 week period, thanks to the supplemental Algebra I class and Ivy teachers like Mr. Gary. Our son also had a chance to make new friends at this facility and has kept a close friendship with most of them, which is something I did not expect from an after-school program. The staff were the true heroes when it came to giving my son what he needed. He would consistently tell me about the challenging quizzes and how the teachers helped him solve problems with ingenuity and resourcefulness. Math was his least favorite subject before he enrolled, but soon after, it became one he thoroughly enjoyed. If you're looking for a tutoring facility with caring staff, excellent teachers, and a great environment, then Ivy League School definitely delivers on all fronts.

Madeline Lewis, El Segundo, CA

1v1 Tutoring - 8/13/2014 2:42:32 PM

I was struggling with Spanish at school and hardly maintained a "B". I've tried other tutoring places but they were pretty confusing. A friend told me about Ivy, so I came and checked out their individual tutoring service. I was blown away how well the tutor helped me grasp this subject for the first time. It's a beautiful thing when you can smile when conjugating infinitives in Spanish. Eventually, my grade went up to an "A"! I was astonished how much I could achieve and my Spanish tutor, Ms. Mar, helped me realize what I was doing wrong. I definitely give this place 5 stars and I recommend their tutoring service to whoever needs that little push to fill in for what's lacking.

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