LEADUCATION is a transformational experience that every child should partake in at least once before sophomore year of high school.

LEADUCATION addresses the common denominator that even the brightest and most diligent students lack.

Having worked with more than 13,200 students from vastly diversified backgrounds, LEADUCATION is an accumulated effort derived from 20 years of research and teaching experience, thus providing the missing link to enhance student creativity, character, and ambition.

In order to optimize learning results and create the utmost synergy, participants will be given a proprietary evaluation, which will allow students to capitalize from their experience when working with others in discussion and collaboration.

Your child’s future is now. LEADUCATION will benefit a child’s capabilities and fulfillment for years to come. Children will learn not to be just leaders, but to make others better and become embodiments of virtue, success, and admiration.

Since this is an extremely resource intensive program, this summer, only a select few will be able to participate in this exclusive experience.

CURRICULA: The program features 28 lectures from at minimum 5 diverse lecturers each an expert in their particular field. Each student will benefit immensely from 84 genuinely articulatedagendas involving activities that will challenge each learner in at least one of the following areas:creativity, communication, competition, collaboration, optimization and character building.

Carissa Newhouse

2 years ago
 Having just moved to the area with a new job, I was concerned about my son getting enough help with his homework and studies. IvySmart was my savior! They helped him with his homework and projects after school and his GPA even increased! They are very professional and give me updates whenever I ask. Would highly recomend them.

Christopher Quinn

For both working parents, I think Ivy School is a pretty good choice. 

They helped my daughter finish homework and give her extra practice for English and Math.

I basically just picked her up after work and didn't have to worry too much about her school.

But every once in a while I will call and make sure they are taking care of her but they always do a phenomenal job